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Child Psychologist 007


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Child psychologist in Kiev Stress Analiz® Center

  Effective assistance in the field of behavioral psychology.

Higher psychological education: Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology at the NEC them. MP Dragomanov, a master's degree of psychology.

  The main directions of the work:    

  1. STRESS ANALIZ® (Yuri Titarenko) link
  2. Cognitive therapy (Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis)

Free Consultation * child psychologist — sign:

* The first consultation is considered free for 15-20 min., Where we meet and decide on cooperation.

ubh377@gmail.com 098-955-78-02, 050-804-99-18, Haznaferova Julia B.

Reception held at the Kiev Center of stress analysis, ul.Zhilyanskaya 59 «Diplomat- Hall»


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